Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ox is one of the zodiac symbol of Chinese calendar which describes one year after every twelve years. The Chinese New Year Ox Coloring Pages can best describe the actual picture of how animal 'Ox' is related to Chinese celebrations. Let your kid color the Ox in the color he/she likes. Make the Chinese Ox as beautiful as possible with variety colors. Present your love for Oxen zodiac people by giving them these printable with your own hand colored.chinese ox year coloring printables
chinese ox symbol coloring pagesChinese New Year Ox Coloring Pages

Lion Dance is an important activity of Chinese new year celebrations when people wear Lion face mask and with great bravery and enthusiasm dance like a lion. The Lion men are carried along side the road during parade to spread happiness of the festive season. Pamper your kids and children wear lion like face mask and dance well like them. You can encourage them by giving these Chinese Lion Dance Coloring Pages as a gift.
Lion Dance Coloring Printableschinese new year lion dance coloring pagesChinese Lion Dance Coloring Pages

Moon Festival is one of the religious festival of Chinese people also recognised as Mid-Autumn festival when people offer prayers to Goddess Chiang W and prepare moon shape cakes to exchange vows of the day. Encourage your kids and children participate in the festive celebration by coloring these Moon Festival Coloring Pages for free as a gift of the festival.
Moon Festival PrintablesMoon Festival Coloring Pagesmoon festival goddess coloring pagechinese moon festival cake coloring printables